44 Low-resolution Houses Exhibition
The exhibition consists of 44 houses by 44 architecture offices. The house has an exhaustive history within architecture. As a protagonist of formalism throughout modernism and postmodernism, it has been a recurring problem for urbanism. And, simultaneously, it has been considered a solution for urbanism and a problem for formalism (Levittown). The house has been at the center of phenomenological questions (dwelling), a frequent site of the everyday vernacular, and the primary subject of the digital/virtual. In this particular exhibition, houses were chosen simply because there are a lot of them circulating around the Internet, available to gather. And because nowadays the house has seemingly become more and more of a desirable design object, an image, a stage set, a thing, a product both in how it is made and culturally understood. The house is a receptacle for identity and technology, similar to our phones.

The exhibition is curated by Michael Meredith and designed by MOS, with graphic design by Studio Lin, and fashion design by Slow and Steady Wins the Race. The exhibition team includes Anna Renken, Alex Still, Steve Martinez, Adam Ainslie, Ryan Hughes, Yujun Mao, and Mark Acciari.

Photos by Michael Vahrenwald.
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