Skittles Chocolate Mix Package

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    1. ebi debi 81 months ago | reply

      I don't think there's a candy I like less than these.

    2. TheBazile 81 months ago | reply

      The flavor "chocolate pudding" makes me think they might taste like Jelly Bellies. How are they?

    3. cybele- 81 months ago | reply

      You're not gonna eat those again!

    4. JasonLiebig 71 months ago | reply

      Unlike most folks, I actually like these quite a lot. To me they were like a softer, candy-coated Tootsie Roll. But, it seems that as of May 2009, they might be discontinued. I did just find some in my local dollar store, but that's a sign that they're on the way out, too. Can anyone verify the fact that these appear to have stopped production?

    5. cybele- 71 months ago | reply

      Jason - I believe they are discontinued - Mars has no mention of them on their website as a current product now. (I think Crazy Cores took their spot in the regular product line.)

    6. princess_of_llyr 71 months ago | reply

      Jason, wow, really? :) Just goes to show candy is soooooo subjective! I was surprised to see packets of them in a dollar store over the weekend.

      Thanks so much for clarifying everything Cybele. You are always so on top of things! :)

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