Venni Caprice
Fashion Embassy presents Venni Caprice.

Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge. A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion.

This month’s fashion Look: Venni Caprice.

"Venni Caprice is a hand made couture collection by Boston designer LKC (Lori Kyler Christensen). She has been making and designing clothing since she was a young girl. What started as a talent passed down from her grandmother, later flourished into a career path. After years of being a professional makeup artist, Lori made the leap into the fashion world by starting a small clothing label called Venni Caprice in 2008. Without any formal training, this self taught designer created wearable art for years, perfecting her craft. Venni Caprice has become one of Boston's Best known locally made clothing labels."

A special thank you to: Gilda (from the Bond Lounge) for coordinating this networking event; and

Dynasty Models for showcasing these beautiful fashion designs

To check out these designs go to

You can also follow Lori on twitter @vennicaprice and Instagram: vennicaprice
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