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    1. Jing Jing Jing ages ago | reply

      coooooooooool ..
      you're not afraid ?

    2. JoyceSeah_Singapore@flickr ages ago | reply

      Hi there, which part of New Zealand is this? I am comtemplating between skydiiving, glider plane, paragliding, helicopter ride, hot air ballooning etc next year. Not sure which one n where is good? Did you go on a free & easy trip or got the help of specialist? tks

    3. Prince Roy ages ago | reply

      Queenstown, NZ on the South Island. The company is NZone.

    4. JoyceSeah_Singapore@flickr ages ago | reply

      Thanks, Roy. Did you go to New Zealand n book all the operators on you own there or did you get a NZ specialist to take care of your whole trip there? I noted that the info on NZ official tourism site very comprehensive but wonder how easy it is for me to move around from place to place within NZ since I don't drive.

      I had bad experience booking activity operators like this when I went to Taiwan (took me a month & international phone calls) to get them. Some could not happen at the end as they need a minimum number to make the trip happen so I ended up missing some tours including the whale watching there.

      Wondering how easy it is to book these NZ operators? How much did you pay for it? Sorry for asking so many questions"P

    5. Prince Roy ages ago | reply

      I actually just rented a car in Christchurch and did everything on my own. But I think it's pretty easy to get around New Zealand for independent travelers, certainly easier than in Taiwan. Maybe you could try the Lonely Planet message boards. Good luck--NZ is fabulous!

    6. JoyceSeah_Singapore@flickr ages ago | reply

      Thanks so much, I'm looking at more flickr photos and contemplating between skydiving, hang-gliding, para-gliding & helicopter (or glider plane).

      Skydiving seems the most exciting but I'm not sure if my heart could take it. While I am terribly in love with clouds, not sure if I dare to take the 60-second free fall or if I could even initiate the jump from the plane in the first place. Never tried such great height thgh I had tried para-sailing on an Indonesian island before(kind of boring cos it felt too safe).

      Skydiving seems both exciting & terrifying at the same time. I always envy pple who got the guts to try adventurous sports & dare-devil stunts.

      Btw, I plan to join horse-trekking (No 1 childhood dream) & whale-watching (maybe see the dolphins, penguins & seals too). Probably a farmstay would be good. Also contemplating between cycling, trekking or both but still checking out various parts of NZ.

      I can't drive so I guess i have to engage the NZ specialist to move from town to town. Thanks so much for your sharing n great exciting pictures ya.^^

      Joyce (Singapore)

      P.S: Yes, I wholeheartedly agree NZ is great without even being there. One of my dream countries that I've always wanted to go since young. Certainly a country that holds many possiblities for fulfilling my childhood dreams (horse riding, being airborne outside of a plane etc).

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