Fortune Teller

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    Strobist Sutndays - Light under subject

    I was originally trying to do a simple portrait, lit from beneath a glass table. That turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. We got some interesting results, but sometimes it's hard to decide "interesting good" vs. "interesting bad". Then we thought of doing a fortune teller / crystal ball picture, which is a sort of classic uplighting situation. I would have preferred to have a smokey crystal ball so that it would glow more and motivate the lighting. Since it was mostly clear, there was little to catch and diffuse the light in the globe.

    I wanted to evoke the classic old gypsy and not a modern look. We originally tried black and white but settled on sepia for a change. I may apply a texture to give the image the look of an old, distressed photo if I can find a texture I like.

    Strobist info:
    * Key: SB-28 in an SB-III softbox and a layer of tracing paper for diffusion, directly below the crystal ball and aiming up
    * Background: 430 EXII fired on low power into the background to provide a little separation for her hair.
    Triggered with Radio Popper JrX Studio triggers.

    1. eriksweeklyphoto 34 months ago | reply

      Very spooky. You're developing a good collection of images for Halloween. HSS

    2. primeparry 34 months ago | reply

      Ha! Thanks. Hopefully you can tell that I wasn't going for scary. I was trying to portray something more ambiguous. Maybe just "eerie." I had her turn her face down toward the light to make sure that the shadows weren't too harsh. Using a large light source also helped to fill the shadows. That gave me the uplighting without too much contrast.

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