Album, Spirit Photographs (NMFF.003317)
The album "Spirit Photographs" shows a kind of photograph that came in the wake of photography used in research, especially after Røntgen's discovery in 1895, which also had significant impact on modern modes of thought. One could reveal the invisible—an inner life. The person who gathered these photographs collected pictures from various countries, probably in the late 1890s. Most appear to be American, but the Spanish visiting card of Count de Medina Pomar refers to an article from 1875. The photographers are not identified in the text under the pictures, but those photographed are named, both the living and the spirits. In addition we sometimes learn the name of the medium who has called forth the living or the dead.
If we carefully examine the pictures in this album we can conjecture that the photographer has worked with long exposure combined with movement, laying negatives over each other and using lights from several shots.
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