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Time is on my side

Day 94 – ‘Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.’

Time, so I have read, is a fundamental quantity. It can not be defined by any other quantity, there is nothing more fundamental than time. Time must be defined by its measurement. But time is ethereal. Time, to each observer, is a unique and personal experience; Einstein said ‘sitting next to a pretty girl for an hour feels like a minute, placing one’s hand on a hot stove for a minute feels like an hour.’ I very rarely have the time for either, although I could make time for the prior without too much concern – assuming that it is indeed possible to make time, which also makes me wonder, if we can make time can there be an excess of time? Could I make loads of time and then keep it until I need it? No, Of course not, Time stands still for no man (nor woman neither). I know through my personal experience that time can fly, drag, warp or stop. At times time has passed me by, implying that at some point I was outside times sphere of influence. A wasted opportunity for time travel I suppose. I have been known to manage time, so did I control time? No, time always used to run away from me.

The passing of time was once described through the analogy of the hour glass, the upper half being the future and the lower half being the past, each falling grain an ever increasing past and an ever decreasing the future. Bringing my mortality in to stark reality I know my future will disappear and eventually I will become the past. But when that happens will anyone take the time to remember me?


This was inspired by assquake9's picture of a watch which in my opininon is simply wonderful!

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Taken on January 8, 2007