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This message is for anyone who dares to hear a fool

Day 91 – Breath it in deep man, let it fill your lungs.

Slumber is like a child’s blanket. It gives a feeling of warmth, peace and security. At a quarter past four in the morning that blanket had definitely been stolen from me by my arch enemy thirst. I woke up gasping like a goldfish, my tongue sticking to the roof of my mouth as though overnight I had developed the ability to secrete glue instead of saliva. I wonder where that leaves me on Darwin’s ladder of evolution. A natural ability to cope with peanut butter or super human stamp licking skills are probably not the type of thing a potential mate is looking for.

I reached over to my litre bottle of water placed on my bedside cabinet. Squirting in a jet of liquid I was reduced to the status of plain human again. Feeling satisfied I laid back into my pillow and stared at the ceiling. What does one do that early in the morning? I decided that the best course of action was a return to sleepy town. I waited for the bus but I think I’d missed it. By 5am it still had not arrived so naturally I checked the comments on my pictures. With that task completed I had successfully managed to kill three minutes, including boot up time. I need more popular pictures to occupy my early mornings! Turning around in my bed I caught a draft across my body. The skin rippled in reply to the chill and I instinctively pulled up the covers to neutralise this chain reaction.

That’s when the bus arrived.


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  • Aimee 9y

    Please sleep a few hours for me. You look so quiet and cozy.
  • Michaela PRO 9y

    i like the inclusion of your (wrist)watch... nice prose to go with the shot. very creative !
  • Carolyn PRO 9y

    Great shot, and I'm glad that you managed to find sleep again - I know how frustrating that can be, as recent photos will attest. I thought once I quit my job I could sleep lots and finally be well-rested. Seems cruel that that's not actually the case.
  • Andy Watson PRO 9y

    Great shot...I especially hate being woken up around work time when you are off...I never get back to sleep like this morning. The only saving grace was the rain that put me right back to sleep...ahh rain in the morning!

    Seen in 365 Days (?)
  • IRena.S photography 9y

    lovely soft lighting
  • *dmf* 9y

    Beautiful light !

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • Paulina Grabiec 9y

    love to sleep when I have glass of water next to me.
    so sleep well:)
  • Danny Williams 9y

    Hopkinsii - Thanks :)
    gimmie _shoes - When I wake up I almost never get back to sleep :)
    mister_rad - Thank you
    Simona - I couldnt sleep, maybe it was because of my poetic mood. At least I managed to get something useful from it :)
    awynhaus - Thank you, I am going to have the sleep of the dead this weekend. Its my first one off since before christmas
    endless beauty - Thank you, I had plenty of time to think of the words as i was up so early
    cscotchmer - Oh no... dont tell me that :(
    southpaw20 - rain and white noise the saviour of the sleepless
    irena82 - thank you. it is my bedside light
    evening star57 - thank you
    paula - I always have water near me in bed, its my routine :)

    thank you all for your comments :)
  • C. Moise PRO 9y

    I love the lighting in this picture. Well done. Sorry about the lack of sleep. I have this problem a lot... I hate it.
  • Danny Williams 9y

    Its not so bad. I normally wake up early. This time i woke up real early so I thought i would be constructive about it :)
  • RainAtDawn 9y

    Aww cute story. I was woken at 4am today with a text about tequila :D Don't know about you but I quite like being woken in the night sometimes, feels like 2 nights sleep for the price of one
  • Danny Williams 9y

    rain - that is the best way too look at being woken up that i have ever heard. thank you for letting me see it that way :)
  • Odukkiesgirl 9y

    Danny~I have missed your sweet words echoing thru the chambers of my mind, heart and soul.... I have been occupied with life.

    So any further wedding plans? LOL
  • Danny Williams 9y

    Reebi - Thank you. Life will do that sometimes the trick is to not allow it to take control of you, you take control of it!

    Hmm wedding plans. I think I have to break off the wedding :( I am going to elope with my motorbike :) shes my baby and I really should do the honest thing for her :) LOL
  • Odukkiesgirl 9y

    Very well Danny~ probobly wouldn't of worked anyway... me being in love and all. Poor guy, now he is going to have to try and handle me on his own.. LOL
  • Danny Williams 9y

    Well we could have an affair, it'll get you out of the house and give him a break :)
  • Dea©on Blues Three Point OH! 9y

    excellent narrative and nice tattoo..
  • scarlet's realm 8y

    Impressive tatoo - Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Danny Williams 8y

    of course, but i am not in the market I am afraid. there is someone for me already :)
  • Angel PRO 6y

    Seen here.

    -- (?)
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Taken on January 5, 2007
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