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The Lure of Showbusiness   P3065487sm

The Lure of Showbusiness   P3065487sm Aleksander Mikic P3065490sm On set - 07:45  P3075493sm Meeting the Crew P3075497sm Action!   P3075508sm Wired for sound and vision  P3075516sm Winter Returns P3075523sm Last Shot of the Day P3075533sm Very Last Shot of the Day! P3075534sm Lorna Laidlaw P3085538sm What a difference a day makes! P3085547sm Lorna in Mrs Tenbe Mode! P3085566sm 'Doctors' Very Own Police Car P3085573sm Noisy Interruption P3085574sm Rehearsal.   P3085582sm Not a sight you see everyday!  P3085584sm

Two days of filming plus an hour or so of familiarisation.

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Preselector says:

Episode shown today (1st June 2012) - with the bus really well featured. Thanks BBC, good shots and it made the time spent getting cold and wet feel worthwhile.
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