Fruit balance

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    1. Michi_Rishi 109 months ago | reply

      LOL, this is great!

    2. soozika 108 months ago | reply

      Very nice ... ever contemplated joining the Stacks group ?

    3. karenwithak 108 months ago | reply

      a very artistic & pleasing to the eye stack - love it.......

    4. Pickersgill Reef 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks karen.........

    5. M00k 108 months ago | reply

      another talent!!!

    6. maurice flower 108 months ago | reply

      Ha, ha, ha! Cute! :-)

    7. Graniers 108 months ago | reply

      Tony, this is number 6 this morning§§§§§§§§§

      Many congratulations, completely well deserved!

    8. Pickersgill Reef 108 months ago | reply

      Number 6? How do you mean? Sorry if I'm being dim my friend!

    9. Graniers 108 months ago | reply

      number 6 of the explore 500 most interesting in flickr!!!!!!!

      i dunno how the algorythm works, but it pulls out a fluid profile of the pictures most viewed / most faved / most commented on flickr. Mind it changes over time

    10. Graniers 108 months ago | reply

      is now dropped a little to position 16 for March 18

      go and have a look. if nothing else, it is a kind of measure of popularity on flickr

    11. Pickersgill Reef 108 months ago | reply

      Humm, I don't really 'get' interestingness. It's not there now (or maybe I can't find it on the Explore page?). Do you run the fdflickrtoy to find out what's doing well (did this once before and had 2 - like now - only one is the same though)? Or just click your interestingness tab. Or do you go to Explore regularly to see what's there? How did 18th March suddenly come up?

      :) sorry to be a pain but I never did understand how to use this feature :(

    12. Graniers 108 months ago | reply

      use the flagrantdisregard tool , I gave you the link.
      you have four in there this morning.
      trawling through explore can be rewarding, cos there are some stunningly lovely images there, but it is hopeless looking for someone specific

      I think that 18 march for this picture Tone, refers to the date you posted it to Flickr

    13. Pickersgill Reef 108 months ago | reply

      Thanks Graniers. I've added it to my bookmark toolbar. I will try to click it regularly - seems to be different every time! But it's clearly not impressed by my interestingness! :)

    14. Graniers 108 months ago | reply

      never mind, Pickers, your friends are...


    15. Pickersgill Reef 108 months ago | reply

      Can I ask one more dumb question? How did you know mine was number 6? Or, how can I check how interesting someone else is? :)

    16. Pickersgill Reef 108 months ago | reply

      Scratch that - just spotted the place where you can change the user.... sorry, taken me ages to 'get' this! Dim I guess! :)

    17. Graniers 108 months ago | reply

      scratch and you shall find!

    18. Pickersgill Reef 107 months ago | reply

      It's back up to 7 now - thanks to this exchange I imagine! You have a very impressive haul Graniers! :)

    19. ScudMonkey 65 months ago | reply

      Nice one Tony, made me smile :-)

      Seen in the "Food & Drink" comp in Cleveland Camera Club

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