PRECIOSA Tee™ - coatings
PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Tee™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.
Its dimensions of 2 x 8 mm conform to the current trend in mini-beads. The axially symmetrical flat shape of the letter "T" enables the application of vacuum half-coatings on both sides of the bead with the resulting effect of an allover coating and other popular surface coatings. The strung beads closely interlock and create an interesting zip effect. It is a suitable supplement for seed bead embroidery, but it can also be used for various types of stringing, sewing techniques, crocheting and kumihimo. It therefore enables the creation of diverse types of three-dimensional items. Thanks to its shape, it is an excellent supplement to PRECIOSA Pellet™, PRECIOSA Pip™ and PRECIOSA Solo™ beads, the PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole bead and seed bead and the PRECIOSA Farfalle™ seed bead in both sizes.

ART No.: 111 01 364
SIZE: 2 x 8 mm
approx. PCS/KG: 5390

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