PRECIOSA Triangles Q-Cut
Czech seed beads PRECIOSA Triangles in the shape of a triangle.

PRECIOSA Triangles are made by cutting triangular or twisted triangular glass tubes with a round or triangular hole.

In addition to the existing PRECIOSA Triangle seed bead, we now present the new PRECIOSA Triangle Q-Cut which is manufactured using new Quality Cut production technology. The quality cutting of the tubes guarantees that these seed beads have greater precision and shape and dimensional stability.

We make PRECIOSA Triangle Q-Cut in two sizes: 7 x 3.5 mm and 10 x 5 mm.

In addition to crystal and black glass, we also now offer PRECIOSA Triangles Q-Cut in topaz.

Czech PRECIOSA Triangles have slightly rounded edges thanks to their advanced technological processing.

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