Peter Vanderwarker Lecture & Workshop: 3/22 - 3/25/12
LECTURE - Peter Vanderwarker: Applied Creativity
Thursday, March 22, 2012, 6:30 pm
BU Photonics Building, Room 206

“Making the simple complicated is easy. Making the complicated simple – that’s creativity.” - Charles Mingus

Peter Vanderwarker believes that creativity in photography is a learned skill. His professional work relies on “applied creativity” while his personal work relies on a much more difficult form of “personal creativity.” He is his own worst critic, and he recognizes the struggle we all face when we go to make original work. During his lecture, he discussed several different projects, his personal process, what it’s like to shoot for a client, and steps to enhance your own projects.

Photos by Helena Goessens

WORKSHOP - Getting Good Work Done: A Workshop in Applied Creativity with Peter Vanderwarker
Shooting: Saturday, March 24, 2012, 10 am – 3 pm

“What can you do that’s fantastic?” - Frank Zappa
“It’s not the bike.” - Lance Armstrong
“It’s not the camera.” - Peter Vanderwarker

This workshop consisted of an intensive set of exercises, discussions, and critiques that Vanderwarker has developed, stolen, or borrowed. It was filled with creative resources, war stories from a pro photographer, and hilarious accounts of creative ideas gone horribly wrong.

Students were asked to bring personal work, shoot class assignments, and perform a series of exercises to pump up their creative muscles. Saturday’s session consisted of shooting in the field at a downtown location, and Sunday’s session consisted of image-sharing and critiques in a classroom.

Photos by Bruce Wahl
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