Why Global Health Matters Panel: 3/07/12
Why Global Health Matters Panel Discussion.
Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 6:00 pm.
BU George Sherman Union Conference Auditorium.
775 Commonwealth Ave, Boston.
Panelists: Jennifer Beard, PhD, MPH (BU School of Public Health); Dominic Chavez, featured photographer; Jonathan D. Quick, MD, MPH (President and CEO, Management Sciences for Health); David Rochkind, featured photographer
Moderator: Stefanie Friedhoff, Special Projects Manager, Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard.

Photographs by Helena Goessens.

The PRC’s Global Health in Focus project focuses on three of the greatest health challenges the world community faces today: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and access to clean water. This project aims to educate our New England community about these critical global health issues, utilizing documentary photography to offer direct insight into the individuals and communities affected. The panel discussion, along with the exhibition, leads to a greater understanding of the challenges and possible solutions to global health problems, particularly the work of Boston-based institutions.

The overarching goal of “Why Global Health Matters” is to bridge the arts, journalism, and medical communities by analyzing the ongoing universal concerns communicated in the exhibition and publication. By organizing and presenting this project, the PRC serves as a resource not only for photographers but for professionals in the healthcare, human rights, and public policy fields, as well as demonstrating the power of the photographic image.

Complimentary copies of the exhibition catalog publication were given to all attendees at the panel discussion and reception!
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