PRC/POV: 30th Anniversary images
PRC/POV: Photography Now and The Next 30 Years
November 3-January 28, 2007

The PRC celebrated its 30th anniversary with PRC/POV: Photography Now and The Next 30 Years. This was a unique exhibition that recognized the past and looked into future of photography through the lens of the PRC. The PRC focused its attention on new and novel ideas in photography and related media. We solicited nominations from past and current PRC staff and board for artists and entities that are beginning to garner attention (or deserve more) as well as those that will likely make a significant contribution in the next 30 years. Organized by PRC curator Leslie K. Brown, the show was future-focused and selections were primarily informed by our mission as a “vital forum for the exploration and interpretation of new work, ideas, and methods in photography and related media."

Serving as the PRC's one to grow on, the PRC Flickr site was launched in conjunction with the show and visitors were invited to take a picture in the gallery. A Soiree was held in honor of the opening at Middlesex Lounge on November 2. On November 15, the PRC held a panel discussion entitled, ‘Photography TBD’. The program, presented in conjunction with PRC/POV, considered the state of art and its future in Boston and beyond. A special color insert was published in the PRC newsletter and an online component to the exhibition was developed and can be found at:
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