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Charge Carte?!

The concept sounds good...charge your phone at the airport!


But it's located in baggage claim -- when all you want to do is exit the airport. Charging me for electricity seems more opportunistic than helpful ($3 for 30 minutes which is said to "charge a cell phone up

to twice as fast as a standard wall charger. 30 minutes equals a 50 percent charge.


Plus there is one small bench located next to this, you better hope more than one or two people use it at a time or you'll have to hover and make sure no one walks off with your gear.


The only way I see this being helpful is if you lost your power cord and are low on battery and must get a charge in between. Even then, how connected must you be at all times?


Can you tell I am not the target customer?


Product info here:

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Taken on October 20, 2007