• scrap yarn balls i made of a tangled mess someone gave me lookin all cool in a clear canister :: i used colors I was least likely to do anything with
  • tie a knot in the top (with a handy hanging loop if you like) & a knot after each yarn ball soaked well in fabric softener
  • knot
  • knot
  • knot
  • this inexpensive store brand does what I want it to.Normally I add it to my dryer with a mister bottle : between 5 & 9 mists

Dryer balls from scrap yarn & fabric softner in a nylon stocking

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  1. prairie.shadow 81 months ago | reply

    choose your yarn scrap balls (mine are tennis ball size & a little smaller)
    Saturate them in fabric softener (I used about a 1/4 Cup) placing them into a bowl of it.
    When all the softener is soaked into the balls (or all you want) put them in an old nylon stocking & tie a knot above each ball.When you get to the top & the last knot you can make a loop to hang this in the laundry room) Should be good for several uses & if not - resoak in more softener to use it again!
    Toss into dryer load of clothes.

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