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Historic Arrowhead Springs Hotel, Spa, & Bungalows (1939) beneath the Arrowhead Geological Monument

Redlands Parterre (1910) Redlands Memorial Chapel (1907) "Redlands is a sight for the gods." - Theodore Roosevelt Redlands Parterre University of Redlands The Ivy-Covered Half of the University of Redlands Administration Building, University of Redlands Parterre and Administration Building Greek Theatre (1927) Greek Theatre (1927) University of Redlands University of Redlands Memorial Chapel (1907) Larsen Hall Bekins Hall at the University of Redlands The Memorial Chapel (1907) Kimberly Crest (1897) Drive to Kimberly Crest Entry Sequence at Kimberly Crest Formal Italianate Gardens of Kimberly Crest

The Inland Empire of southern California earned its name through the rise of the citrus industry at the turn of the 19th Century. The images in this set reflect this region, which encompasses the southwestern corner of San Bernardino County, the western portion of Riverside County, and Los Angeles County areas east of Kellogg Hill.

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SS&SS says:

This is a fabulous set...Thank you for sharing. Your shots are great and the adventure was awsome.
We have only been in Riverside for a couple of years and you have just given us more places to explore!
Thx, Sandi & Steve
Posted 116 months ago. ( permalink )

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Trudi L says:

I agree - nice set! Finding out all kinds of great info on that part of the country. I'm hoping to move to California in the next few years (visit for sure), so the info on places and festivals to visit is great.
The set is a bit long, so I have to come back and visit again. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world.
Posted 115 months ago. ( permalink )

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GerryL says:

Nice set. I'm impressed by the interesting architecture you presented. Will drop by San Bernardino next time.
Posted 115 months ago. ( permalink )

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DyeAnnB says:

WOW - so many wonderful photos of such interesting places! I'm actually inspired to go visit the area to explore myself. But first I'll set aside some time to go through more of these photos, what a treat- thank you.
Posted 115 months ago. ( permalink )

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cptdrinian is on IG says:

Great set of images! Makes me want to get back out and about locally. Thanks for the great shots of the IE.
Posted 110 months ago. ( permalink )

Ariston Collander Photography [deleted] says:

Awesome set! Living in the IE it's nice to see some great shots from around the area.
Posted 101 months ago. ( permalink )

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PearlzFromShelz Shotz says:

wow! a colorful portrayal of the Empire!
Posted 100 months ago. ( permalink )

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Daniel Quoc Nguyen says:

i just took a glance at this set, and i have to say
it is amazing:)
Posted 89 months ago. ( permalink )

♥Holly Swick♥ [deleted] says:

What an amazing collection of photos! Great job!
Posted 79 months ago. ( permalink )

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