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    I`ve only walked in my sleep on one occasion I know of back in 1992.A really stressful time ,when I was in my first few weeks at college,new unfamiliar surroundings,a local council threatening to take me to court for non payment of poll tax-when I had paid up already,and my Gran in hospital.
    I woke up walking alongside the main road out of town,barefoot and just in the jogging bottoms and t-shirt I`d gone to bed in-great huh!I think my unconcious mind was trying to escape.Damn embarassing too,and why I`m telling you guys this,when no one else knows is anyones guess! :)

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    1. dream_café [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot Kit--the lighting behind you is amazing! Fan-f***ing-tastic photo!!! Brilliant! By the way, may I have a small sample of your DNA--I'd like my future child to possess your creative genius. :-D (Kidding, just kidding. I'll have Fanboy snag your hair brush and send it airmail).

    2. estherase 100 months ago | reply

      Good job you weren't sleeping nude...

    3. practicalowl 100 months ago | reply

      @ Cat:Hiya! Thankyou! This was the first one I did last night and I set off a neighbours security light-hence my motion blur! I only hung about long enough to take 5 shots after that! It was really misty which worked really well!
      Haha!Fanboy lives over 200 miles away so I`d have to snag a few hairs myself! You could clone me!! :D
      @Estherase: A fact I`m very greatful for!! :D

    4. drBenMonkey 100 months ago | reply

      nice shot, love the orangeness

    5. addadada 100 months ago | reply

      well, the sleepwalking in the nude would of be one hell of a shot to recreate....

      stunning photo (with clothes) ...stunning...

      good story too...hope the rest of your life is a tad more relaxing...

    6. hep-cat 100 months ago | reply

      What a great picture! Very nice Kit. The lighting is perfect for that dream like state...

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    7. practicalowl 100 months ago | reply

      @drBenMonkey: Cheers! Sodium lights are cool! Even if it does mean I can`t use my telescope over half the night sky!
      @Addadada: Thanks! Hehe! I`m so glad I didnt sleep in the nude!!That would have been a scarey pic!
      @Hep-cat: Cheers mate!The mist and damp roads meant everything was shimmering with light! I wish I`d taken more shots now,but hey out of doors at 2 am in the morning and barefoot in January-I didn`t want my neighbours to think Iany more barmy than I usually am! Weird though it wasn`t a cold night at all.

    8. littledan77 100 months ago | reply

      That is a good shot. The colours are great!

    9. Miss Emily goes bananas 100 months ago | reply

      Wow, that lighting is amazing. So what is a sodium light?

      What a great idea!

    10. gimmie_shoes 100 months ago | reply

      This shot is breathtaking. I flipping LOVE the light behind you!

    11. NW Sunshine 100 months ago | reply

      I just LOVE this shot. The lighting, and the blur, and I can just FEEL the damp pavement under your feet.

      365 Days

    12. erdalito 100 months ago | reply

      hey kit the nightowl-AMAZING light, very good, erdalito likes it!

    13. MooseDog Studio 100 months ago | reply

      This is a great shot. I love the lighting and the bare feet.

    14. practicalowl 100 months ago | reply

      @Miss Emily:Thanks very much! The sodium lights are just the orange street lights there,I guess sodium lights is an old fashioned description! :)
      @Gimme_shoes:Thankyou!!! Glad you liked it! :)
      @FW Sunshine:Thankyou! Strangely it wasn`t that cold out there! :)
      @Celluloidson:Thanks very much! ;)
      @Erdalito:A big thankyou!! I`m very pleased you like it ! :D
      @MooseDog Studio:Cheers very much to you! ;)

    15. StephenMcleod - International Man of Mystery 99 months ago | reply

      I like it a lot - it captures the feeling very well.

      I find it amusing that it's embarassing to sleepwalk out in your pyjamas... but to do it for a self portrait's ok ;o

      Seen in your 30 secrets in 30 days set. (?)

    16. pinguin1961 53 months ago | reply

      Wirklich eine magische Fotografie! - Really a magical shot!

      gesehen in / seen in

      Barefoot Portraits

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