88/365: I like them!

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    Favorite boxers,I`m not fond of white undies! I`m not trying to be sexy-hey I`m very ordinary looking,but happily so.This 365 days project has made me look at myself and come to look at my flaws,what makes me...me!
    I`m always using my hands in coversation,I wanted a simple idea to convey movement and gesture.

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    1. gimmie_shoes 99 months ago | reply

      Nothing wrong with boxers!

    2. hep-cat 99 months ago | reply

      Braver than I am. I got that spare tyre thing starting to happen, won't get a shot of me like that, hehe

    3. practicalowl 99 months ago | reply

      Cheers Gimmeshoes! Yeah I like boxer shorts,getting fed up of all the shops stocking up on white undies-boring! :P
      Thankyou Hep-cat! I just have to remember to hold my breath and I can almost get away with it ,ha!!

    4. Mister Rad 99 months ago | reply

      I love boxers too! You can just seem em in one of my 365 shots. :)

      Hav eyou noticed the fingers of your left hand in this shot? Now THAT'S "spirit fingers" ;)

      Actually, having just read your description, you will have seen that. ;)

    5. brightonsinger 99 months ago | reply

      Boxers suck! Give me a pair of briefs any day - you've opened a can of worms (so to speak) here Kit on the great boxers v briefs debate. Thumbs down to you choice in underwear but a tick for a well executed picture. The background is so good and dark!

    6. gawatt 99 months ago | reply

      Great shorts - and nice tummy. I'm afraid mine would be hanging several inches over. Must sort that out this year and hoping 365 will help with that. :)

      Nice background too. Did you use a cloth of some kind?

    7. Eros Leafar 99 months ago | reply

      I love boxers.
      Nice picture
      love the movement...
      the nakedness, the simplicity, the color.
      Great photo.

    8. The Dogs' Daddy [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      Nice boxers...

    9. magandafille 99 months ago | reply

      Nice lighting! Although now I'm thinking, what are you saying here, and why are you saying it in your underwear...you don't have to answer that!

    10. d.rex 99 months ago | reply

      boxer-briefs are the answer. :-)

      like the motion here.
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    11. practicalowl 99 months ago | reply

      @ Mister Rad: Thanks! I wanted to get a bit of movement and expression into my hands! :)
      @Brightonsinger: Thanks mate! We`ll agree to disagree on this point! :)
      @Gawatt :Cheers! I used a big bit of black cloth,I felt a yellow background 2 days in a row wouldn`t be best!
      @Eros Leafar:Thankyou very much!
      @The Dog`s Daddy: Thanks!
      @ Joanna: Thankyou! Ahhh I`m not sure why I thought standing there in my boxers would be such a good idea now! :)
      @Daverexwood: Cheers man! Haha! Yeah maybe they would! :)

    12. sadandbeautiful (Sarah) 99 months ago | reply

      I love boxers. White undies on guys are stupid-looking.

      I do love the boxer-briefs the very best of all. :D

      Cute photo Kit!

    13. d.rex 99 months ago | reply

      But Sarah, what if they are white boxer-briefs?

      I should go back and look at my black boxer-briefs and white-boxer-brief shots and see if you said anything about this back then. :-)

      runs off to check...

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    14. Rockin' Rob 99 months ago | reply

      I'm afraid that I disagree with brightonsinger, boxers are the way to go. If I had any say in it, briefs would be outlawed!


    15. *arrivederci* [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

      i'm with sarah. boxer briefs rule!!!!

    16. practicalowl 99 months ago | reply

      @Sarah: Awwwww thankyou!
      @Dave:Nah mate not white boxer briefs!
      @Rob: Yay!I totally agree! Thanks mate you have earned my undying respect ,and if I`m ever in your neck of the woods, a beer! :)
      @ ChomChom: Cheers!

    17. Fanboy30 99 months ago | reply

      Now hold up wait a minute people...as a fond wearer of all types of underwaer (even ladies ha ha)
      Day 85: Caught with your Knickers down!
      It depends on the wearer, some guys just suit a certain type of brief or boxer.
      In Kit's case I think that boxers are right for him, they leave you questioning his manhood and thats always a nice surprise when you get to unwrap someone. Not that I'll be doing that Kit old boy!? :)

      The hand movement is subtle and I almost missed it, I express myself like that too...Also, I thiink by doing this shot in your wears lays bare the point you are trying to make..Good use of black mate. x

    18. practicalowl 99 months ago | reply

      Cheers Matt! Fantastic comment! :)

    19. InsatiablySassy 99 months ago | reply

      I love boxers! So cute and I think it's great when people use their hands when talking. Adds so much more to the conversation and you can really tell that the speaker is *into* what they're saying.

    20. sadandbeautiful (Sarah) 99 months ago | reply

      Okay, have to agree with Matt...different kinds of underwear suit different kind of men, BUT...
      that said, I still think NO man should be wearing the "tighty whiteys"...

      and Dave, white boxer briefs can be acceptable, though I didn't comment on it at the time I don't think. ;-)

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