Iran 2012
Carpetsurfing in Iran, September/October 2012

Why? Because ... few Westerners dare to; out of a boundless curiosity; a challenge; an irresistable Drang nach Osten; the Great Foolish Adventure that suddenly seizes you. I had zero knowledge of Farsi knowledge, but I did not want to believe the world is limited by language. Motherdear does not want it, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I already realised Iran was more than chadors, nukes and mullahs, but I wished to see this with my own eyes. Why dangerous? Why fundamentalistic? Why hostile? Beyond all good and evil of clichés I wanted to unveil the laughter behind the chador. All of this on my own, without involvement of travel bureau's, meddling guides and other factors dismembering my lust for adventure. So ... why not couchsurf on Persian carpets?
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