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cafe - international day -

cafe international day / april 14 2011 - - -

I love a good cup of Brazilian coffee - a good reason for meeting friends

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There is a legend about the origins of coffee as long as at any time of the third century d. C., a goat herder named Kaldi one night became anxious when his goats did not return to the fold. When he left to pursue them, found them jumping next to a bush whose fruit were chewing and obviously that was what gave them the strange energy that Kaldi never seen before. They say he even tried the fruits and found that they filled him with energy, as with his flock. Kaldi course took this wonderful "godsend" to the local monastery, but the reactions were not favorable and he fired in the fruits, saying that "the devil's work." The roasted fruit aroma exhaled by the flames drew all the monks to find out what was causing that wonderful perfume and coffee beans were collected from the ashes and rakes. The abbot has changed his mind, he suggested that the grains were crushed into the water to see what kind of infusion they gave, and the monks soon discovered that the preparation remained awake during prayers and meditation periods. News of the marvelous powers of the drink spread from one monastery to another, and thus gradually spread throughout the world. The botanical evidence suggests that the coffee plant originates in Central Ethiopia (where they still grow several thousand feet above sea level). Nobody seems to know exactly when the coffee was first taken there (or anywhere), but the records say it was taken in his native land in the middle of the fifteenth century also know that was cultivated in Yemen (formerly known as Arabia), with government approval, about the same time, and it is thought that perhaps the Persians took him to Ethiopia in the sixth century AD, during which invaded the region.

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Taken on April 14, 2011