Solar panels

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    Solar panels on the roof of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

    File# 00z01711
    Photography by Marinco Kojdanovski

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    1. richard_byers 72 months ago | reply

      i have seen these when i walk over that foot bridge... but i wonder why there aren't solar panels over ALL the roofs of the museum? these 20 or so panels can't possibly power the entire museum?

    2. Powerhouse Museum 72 months ago | reply

      No-you are right they don't power the whole Museum. They were installed in 2003 and can generate 1200 watts of power which is enough to run 60 of the showcase lights in our EcoLogic exhibition. It is actually an ideal location for more panels as it faces North West.

    3. richard_byers 72 months ago | reply

      yeah i thought so too, i always thought as i crossed the foot bridge, 'when are they going to install more?' it would be a magnificent site from the bridge to see 200 panels in the sunlight. cheers, thanks for the info though about them

    4. melcir.meri 68 months ago | reply

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    5. Best Magnetic Generator 51 months ago | reply

      They should cover all the roof with solar panels

    6. ceo-me 49 months ago | reply

      Nice angle of tilt to give maximum sun exposure...
      Gr8 work !!

    7. ceo-me 47 months ago | reply

      Hello, Can i use this photo on my website ??
      Kindly revert back ASAP...

      Thanks !!

    8. Lawrence.Braun 46 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called EnergyStead, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    9. Ray's DIY Solar panels 33 months ago | reply


      Very nice looking picture of solar panels over there in Sydney. Really like the idea of putting a solar system on that museum roof. Though, looks like that solar technology is quite old generation.

      To learn how to build solar panels yourself and have them installed and looking as good as here, visit this blog: DIY Home Solar Panels...

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