Hungry Hearts (2013)
In European Art there is a centuries-old tradition of representation of “cheeky” carnival revelry transgressing all the bounds of decency. But, with all the abundance of holiday spirit around, young people remain hungry for entertainment. The semblance of communications lightness provokes to search more and more pleasure, forgetting themselves.
In our days night clubs play the role of carnival, where people are under the influence of night and atmosphere can behave differently from their everyday life. This environment has own hierarchy and distinctive features. Weekly going out for a nightclub is akin to visit to the church at weekends: the place dictates the proper clothes and behavior. The faith that happiness comes on Friday night unites the youth. But even if the merriment is all-consuming there is space for isolation, as there is always a feeling of "feast in times of plague". Youth who loves pleasure and lives with a hunger for unrealizable unending happiness, which could substitute them one-night stand and illusion of general love.
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