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ant, flower | by postbear
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ant, flower

ant crawling across a group of white flowers.


as mentioned yesterday, dumbass the soon-to-be-fired mayor managed to screw up reading vital documents meant to help him do his job properly.


in today's inbred etobicoke hillbilly news, we learn that he's been illegally allocating resources to his own personal pet projects, diverting money and time on the clock (his own and that of hired helpers, so it's all paid for by residents of the city, of course) to the sports team where he grooms new punching bags to replace his wife. remember all that gravy that this malignant bigot crowed about when he began his slow waddle for mayor? there it is, all in one greasy bucket, and being consumed by the lying, thieving, myopic shitbag for whom 350 000 morons voted. this alone should be grounds for dismissal, though i'd settle for a public execution, incineration of the corpse and sterilisation of the entire bloodline.


in most of the places i've worked and volunteered, i have to read the conflict of interest agreements, answer questiuons that show my understanding of these documents, and sign a statement swearing that i will abide by them, under penalty of dismissal and potential legal action against me by my employers. it's odd that the city does not or would not have similar measures in place - would anyone who works for the city care to comment? i'd also be terminated if my employers discovered that while i was on their clock, i decided to fuck off and coach a game of steroid handegg or any other damned thing that wasn't expressly part of my job description, not to mention complicating matters by stealing resources in the form of other employees to assist me in cheating my bosses.


this fuckhead is our employee - it's time he was fired and imprisoned.

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Taken on September 1, 2012