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danger due to bad mayor | by postbear
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danger due to bad mayor

danger signs around town are frequently altered (a recent favourite read danger due to ocelots). it pays to carry markers around for the thirsty blank spaces.


in other news, it's been noted that mayor mcbigot has been hanging around with neo-nazis (other than those belonging to federal and provincial conservative parties). the white supremacist, true to form, claims that he isn't a bigot, in much the same manner that the mayor makes similar claims. since the magic of the internet is available, though, it's been easily proven over and over that jon latvis is a filthy fucking racist and like all bigots, doesn't have the courage to stand up for his odious beliefs when a light is shone on him. mayor rob ford, similarly cried out that it was all a big misunderstanding that he met with a neo-nazi - twice - and that the big mean media was once again picking on him unfairly.


bullshit. latvis played lead guitar and other instruments for rahowa, a white supremacist band, and wrote many of their lyrics. from 1990 on, latvis was a member of the band, has never divorced himself from their disgusting beliefs (until just now, and only in the form of lying about his history), and wrote many of their most bigoted songs. oh, and he has a tattoo of a swastika, which he claims is really a 'cross of thunder'. sure, kid. and your song triumph of the will is really all about rik emmett rewriting shakespeare.


as for ford, he's a stupid fucking liar, a bigot and like his skinhead buddy, too much of a chickenshit coward to stand up and say what he believes. instead, he expects that the right-wing press will play down the story, excuse his unforgiveable behaviour and make accusations against the people who brought the topic out in the open.


many thanks to anti-racist canada for starting the ball rolling, and to warren kinsella for spreading the story around. now magazine has pushed the news along after the usual assholes at the national post did nothing but claim that kinsella is a liberal spin doctor (no, they really made that a big point in their write-up), that ford loves meeting with citizens (as long as they're also hateful bigots), and restated the ridiculous claim that latvis gave ford and his handlers a different name. yeah, i'm sure that latvis bothered to engage in subterfuge because everyone knows that fuckhead ford would have checked into his background and been very professional about matters. the final claim from the ford (concentration) camp is also ridiculous - apparently latvis wanted to discuss transit with the mayor. no word on whether latvis and ford discussed shipping dissidents and other unsavoury characters to prison camps in boxcars, but i'm sure the mayor's office would just describe that as an improvement on lrts.


it's been interesting to watch the reaction from the city's jewish community. unfortunately the jewish press skews pro-conservative, and the mayor's henchmen were quick to offer an apology to the centre for israel and jewish affairs. cija, of course, quickly restated many of the points that the morons at the national post made, including an attempt to discredit kinsella. it's interesting that cija would brush aside rob ford's connection to a neo-nazi. politics does indeed make strange bedfellows, and i suppose it must just be expedient for a jewish advocacy group to make light of antisemitic hate group representatives when they are invited to meet with local politicians. true friends, indeed.


this fucking bigot ford needs to be removed from office. you might not be queer, jewish, female, a cyclist, a library user, a union member, italian, or a member of any other group who fuckface ford clearly hates, but as long as you're not a bigot, it's obvious that he is not a decent human being or fit for public office.

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Taken on July 7, 2012