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damiano's lute

the angel prodded damiano's genitals and fontanelle with his wingtips, trying to distract him from the earthly seductions of the harlot. "go back to that stupid lute, you fool" the angel muttered, but his actions had no effect upon the man suffocating under one swollen breast. as this thrilling scene unfolds, goldfinger teleports in from ian flemingworld somehow and moves in to steal the harlot's wig.


note that all the hands here, unsurprisingly, are badly drawn.




a while back i picked up a small box of books from the sidewalk, partly for my own pleasure (there was exactly one book in the box that i ended up wanting to read), and partly to save them from a rainstorm that was beginning. some of the books went to friends, some to a couple of places where i volunteer, and a few remained that looked so horrible, their covers had to be scanned. this is one of those awful books, and instead of reading it, i decided to make up a story to fit the cover.

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Taken on May 6, 2011