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the past through the present: a journey through local archives and the worldwide web



Il progetto PORTOBESENO è realizzato da Associazione culturale Libera Mente in collaborazione con le amministrazioni comunali di Besenello, Calliano e Volano, Provincia autonoma di Trento,Cassa rurale Alta Vallagarina, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto.

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The Portobeseno Festival celebrates its third year in 2007 with “the past through the present: a journey through local archives and the worldwide web”: tradition and innovation, local and global culture, blend richly together in performances, shows and permanent exhibitions.

The creators of the Portobeseno project investigate both present and past using multimedia resources and technology as they rediscover, repropose, protect and pass on the history and the stories of the community in new, captivating forms, provoking reflection and asking questions (installations, theatre, music, video projects, web projects etc.).

Alongside work on artistic production, the project is collecting, archiving, and making newly available not just the story, but also the stories of the Alta Vallagarina (the area situated between the towns of Trento and Rovereto) as told directly by its inhabitants. The recordings collected by Sara Maino on behalf of the Associazione over the past three years will be donated to local libraries (Calliano and Besenello) with audio players and headphones, making the “Listening to Lagarina” research available to the community.

A documentary about the rural community of Besenello, Calliano and Volano is currently in production under the direction of the ethnographer Michele Trentini.

The creation of a series of images of Portobeseno with relative catalogue is also underway: a geography of the emotions and sensations generated by the area and interpreted through historic photographs, modern urban and rural landscapes, articles on shows and installations, portraits.

The Portobeseno Archive also includes original video productions by Stefano Cagol, Mylicon/EN, Otolab, NAtural-TEchnology, as well as DVDs of theatre productions and shows relative to the project.


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