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Map of top 50 UK PR twitter people and their followers | by Porter Novelli Global
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Map of top 50 UK PR twitter people and their followers

Spurred on by some of the comments we've received about the Rufus map we made of the top 50 UK PR twitter people (as measured by Stephen Waddington) I thought it'd be a good idea to look at this in a bit more depth. Rufus isn't really the right tool for looking at this, so we've built something else to do it better. Looking at one site or service is a lot easier than looking at lots of sites -- so this took hours, not months to create.


After a little debugging we were ready to test on a seedlist of 50. The crawl took about an hour to run.


This is a visualization of the data set we got (correct as at December 12, 2008) after very little processing.


Size of blobs relates roughly to "how many people in the group follow you."


And we've removed anyone who is only followed by one person in the group. So everyone here is followed by at least two others (obviously.)


There are just too many people in this graph to show labels. And a lot of the top 50 people are hidden by other top 50 people. Maybe I should do a graph rotating in 3D.


What I'll do over the weekend is process the data files I've got (one's got around 30K records, and the other 40K records) to see if we can tease a little more information out of them.


This is a very high def image, so it will blow up nicely.


Oh -- and Rufus is a project that Porter Novelli has been working on.


For more on this, see this post on Twitter Social Network Analysis


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Taken on December 12, 2008