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What did you say about Birds? | by prestonciere
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What did you say about Birds?

Earlier this year, I bad-mouthed birds. Specifically, I called them "jerks". I've been trying for the good part of the last 40 days to capture one, each time failing. Often they teased me, or just avoided me. I'm not sure which felt worse. I truly thought they knew what I was trying to do and would do whatever they could to spoil my attempt at capturing a bird. I absolutely believed this. Today all that changed, unbelievably.


Today I was not trying to take a cool bird photo. I went for a hike and figured I'd shoot some low hanging fruit (or small mooching songbirds). I was told that the little birds were plentiful here, and because they were being fed - often by hand - they'd be all kinds of opportunities to capture something. A cardinal, chickadee, or possibly even a woodpecker - though the later I'd prefer not to hand feed. When trying to capture these little guys, a hawk came swooping down, no more than a couple of meters away, and sat, perched, waiting patiently for me to take photos. If that wasn't enough, he put on a dinner show (he ate, not the audience), then flew closer to us. (Seriously!) He came even closer, and waited patiently for me to get the best angle and focus, starring at me as if to say "Did you get that? How's this? It's my best side." Then you know what he did? He came up even closer. The crowd had gathered quite large by this point because of how close the hawk was, so to make sure everyone got a great shot, he flew right up onto the handrail of the boardwalk where we stood. (See my other shots from today for proof.)


So I officially take back what I said about birds. And while I do reserve the right to change that opinion just as quickly when I attempt something like this again, I'm going to remember today for a long time.


(It was an amazing day all around. I also caught a mouse hanging out on the street, a bunch of those little song birds - feeding some by hand, and a muskrat. All this within a span of a few hours.)

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Taken on February 10, 2013