• custom stickers of a computer control panel to go here
  • I totally stole this recessed footspace from one of Keppler's SHIPs.
  • If you didn't want it custom, maybe you could try a 1x1 headlight brick with a 1x1 slope off of the side. But no panel...I guess it just wouldn't give quite the same effect. - Unit 186
  • Is this a sticker? - Unit 186
  • Where does this come down from? This ship looks so intruiging! - Unit 186
  • needs a headrest - Chewk
  • nope, its from a cs set - Chewk
  • you could use the computer sticker from the desert skiff in the sail barge set - Chewk
  • from the upper deck of course! hehehehe...
  • but... I enjoy making custom stickers :)
  • Then, go ahead and make one! :-) I just wouldn't be able to do that. - Unit 186

best seat in the house.

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The Captain is testing the comfiness of her new command station while making a visit to the production yards.

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  1. Unit 186 [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

    Looks great! The tiles really add a nice touch. I personally feel the control center feels a bit too high, but it looks great.

  2. Chappie A. 100 months ago | reply

    Looking good! No complaints here!

  3. Fleebnork 100 months ago | reply

    Hah, I love the Star Trek style folding chair bits.

  4. [Soren] 100 months ago | reply

    I'd personally prefer a less rectilinear layout, but I'm going to hold off saying too much until you're done - this one, i want to see exactly as it comes out of your head.

    Besides, I might get some interior itches of my own, and I want them to be surprising when i scratch them :).

  5. porkshanks 100 months ago | reply

    Soren, I see your idea of angl'd/curv'd interior walls as a great concept to explore, but not one I am able to explore on this SHIP. The structure is a little experimental in the way it fits together and I need the interor walls to be as sturdy as possible to keep it from falling apart. As for the boxiness of the computer layout, I like it. The wall in front of this room is flat and slanted and the side walls are flat and curved out horizontally so it would be strange to set the consoles at anything but 90 degrees. If that makes little sense now; I have new WIP pics coming soon. :)

    I'd personally love to see what you'd do with a ship this size! You should totally work on one... or have you made anything this size? I guess I could have missed it browsing your folder? (love the lil' tourist mech)

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