(CLL) PHN LCKN 11.07.06
(CLL) PHN LCKN: one night, one location, New York City, no cell phone. In less than twenty years, mobile phones have escalated from rare and expensive luxury items to social staples that facilitate—and often dominate—our relationships and basic interactions. What many see as a new era in communication, others see as an epidemic. This is certain: cell phones have changed our lives.

PopRally and LVHRD invite you to The Museum of Modern Art for an evening of cell phone reflection and experimentation. On this night, guests will have access to Out of Time: A Contemporary View, an exhibition that explores, among other things, how technological advances manipulate perceptions of time in the contemporary world. More details regarding the night's events, including a surprise concert, will be released soon.

Before entering the Museum, all guests must pass through a mandatory phone check, lending their device to a yet-to-be-announced cellular experiment. Don't worry; your phone will come back to you, though you might feel differently about it.

For one night, the modern-day social ritual of cellular coordination with your circle of friends goes on hold as (CLL) PHN-LCKN guests pick one party...and stay there.

Visit the PopRally Web site for further details on this event.
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