The Karavan Ensemble - Brighton Fringe 2012
A Small Museum of Displaced Sea

By The Karavan Ensemble
Brighton Fringe Festival 2012

Photocredit: Sara Popowa

It all started in 1750 when Dr Richard Russell published 'A Dissertation on the Use of Sea Water in the Affections of the Glands'. The doctor prescribed his patients to swim in and drink sea water and this cure became so famous that wealthy Londoners thronged to Brighton - and the modern seaside resort was born. This was also the birth of the Bathing Machine which was used to transport well-dressed patients from shore to sea, where they would get ready and then dipped in the sea.

This show travels through the various metamorphoses the Bathing Machine underwent on Brighton sea front, intertwining different times and stories - from past to present.

5-7th May - Old Steine
12-13th May - Churchill Square
19-20th May - Old Steine
26-27th May - Madeira Drive
Free, Installation 12-3pm, live performance 4pm.

The project includes an audio visual installation within the bathing machine open during the day, and an outdoors performance, in collaboration with older people dance project - Dance in the years - and the Saint Richards Evergreens older people club in Hollingdean, Brighton.

Commissioned by Dip Your Toe, and The Nightingale Theatre.
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