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Little Big Planet has finally landed! | by Alan Rappa
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Little Big Planet has finally landed!

Picked up our copy of Little Big Planet last night courtesy of's "buy-on-line pickup-in-store" feature. Also netted the free Kratos costumes & levels pre-order bonus, so snoogans to Gamestop there.


My initial impressions of the game are FUN with a capitol F. Little Big Planet is drenched with charm & personality and absolutely oozes smiles. There is no way not to laugh while playing this game - which is exactly what Ev and I were doing as we explored the early stages.


Right from the get-go Ev and I searched out every nook and cranny we could find along the 'beaten path'. Some led to hidden items, while others led to us getting lodged in some sackboy (and girl) destroying situations. The controls aren't as tight as I would prefer, which made some of the tricky platforming a bit more maddening. Momentum plays a keep role in keeping your sackboy alive, so be sure to keep that in mind as you're swinging your way around.


One of the biggest laughs we got last evening was when we came to the first skateboard. Neither of us managed to actually get on the skateboard as it raced down the ramp, but I did manage to grab onto it's tail and it yanked me along for the journey. Sure, you may of had to be there - but if you've got the game, then I'm sure you're already experiencing moments like these.


We've yet to check out downloadable levels, level-creation, or on-line play, but how much Little Big can you squeeze into one evening?


While playing, one thought did pop up in my mind, and that was in regard to the casual crowd. I'm just not sure how big a hit Little Big Planet will be with the non-hardcore. While the game may be pick up and play, and contains a nauseating amount of tutorials, the hand-holding ends fairly quickly which leaves you with some pretty unique and challenging platforming. It seems about as casual a game as say Super Mario Bros.


I just wonder how Little Big Planet will fare in those circles.


For me, I can't wait to get home and play some more - just looking at the boxcover in the picture puts a huge smile on my face :)


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Taken on October 27, 2008