Tascam 38

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    my Tascam 38 with Tascam M-30 board

    polaroid land camera 100

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      You are my hero for posting this photo, especially with these 2 Tascam units: I walked into a Los Angeles thrift store and sitting on the floor behind the counter was the Tascam 38 and behind it the M-30; also there was a Fostex E-2. Thw 38 went for $149, the M-30 and the E-2 both went for $99 each. Needless to say, all are sitting in my living room right now. How does the 38 work with the M030 as shown in your photo; no manuals for any of these but I know I can either get it online or via ebay. The M-30 seems like it is a 4-track mixer vs the 30, an 8-track machine, but apparently both are compatible, as nicely shown in your photo? Thanks---Mark/Andromeda International Records

    4. WOLF CHOIR 115 months ago | reply

      The Tascam M-30 is an 8-track board, both it and the Tascam 38 deck have 8 RCA ins & outs. You need to get 2 8 channel RCA snakes to hook them up. The board's "Tape In" plugs go to the corresponding channel's Output on the deck, and the Direct Out goes to the Input. Do this for each channel. I'd recommend getting a manual off ebay, that is your best bet.

    5. Andromeda International Records 115 months ago | reply

      I am planning to use the Tascam 38 and M-30 for live and studio recordings; I take it that all 8 microphones go to the M-30, which sends the signal to the 38. The extra tracks will help me bigtime as I was ready to use either my Teac 3340 or 3440 4 track recorders with the Teac 4-channel mixer. Have you used your 38 and M-30 units in either live or studio recording settings, how did they hold up, any do's and don'ts; thanks a million for your earlier input, I will be getting the manuals for both, along with having to now invest in 8-10 high quality microphones to record voice, bass, guitar, piano, drums, horns and/or strings. I am primarily using the setup to record old school jazz, blues and gospel a la Chess-Atlantic-King-Savoy-Specialty-Peacock Records for various Los Angeles artists, the resulting recordings to be released on vinyl only to the specific blues-jazz-collectors market in Europe-Japan-UK. What do you think? All The Best, Mark

    6. WOLF CHOIR 115 months ago | reply

      I guess what you want to do with it dictates how many mics you buy, but I only have 3, one condenser (Audio Technica 3035) and two dynamic (Shure SM-57).

      I recorded the following two tracks live in my studio with 2 dynamic mics. Kind of rough blues jamming, the drummer hadn't drummed in about 10 years (but he was a badass in the 70s, jammed with chuck berry), and his two sons played guitar & bass:


      Now, I dumped these tracks onto my computer and with CuBase (multitracking software), I did the mixing, and added crowd effects much to their dad's delight, vinyl crackling, etc. I tried to make it sound like an early 70s auditorium where someone stuck a mic out from the sound booth and recorded it. One thing about that board is you have to be careful about the mic input levels. It distorts pretty easy, and you can hear it on those recordings, a little cracking sound on some of the louder guitar shredding. Distortion on tape=cool, distortion from the board=not so cool. That's my opinion.

      But I usually do a lot of overdubbing, which is, you play along with what you've already recorded on the other tracks, and record that. For example, this song. I use "sync mode" to do this. On the board, I have each channel assigned to 1 & 2 (blue & green buttons pushed in), and on the right side of the board, where the four orange bus potentiometers are, I have those panned to Left and Right, respectively. I don't know if that's the best way, but I like it.

      So yeah. You don't need to plug any mics into the back of the deck itself, if you have a mixer board. I guess you could, people have done that before. Elliott Smith used a deck just like this, and you can hear it on many of his acoustic recordings (for example, "I don't think I'm ever going to figure it out"). It's a nice sounding tape machine, once you figure out how to use it!

    7. Andromeda International Records 115 months ago | reply

      You are simply a wealth of invaluable information, my friend, cannot thank you enough. I used to fool around with a Dokorder 7140 4-track machine when I was in the Air Force in Germany back in the 70's, but I was angry with myself when I heard the rock and roll, guitar and vocal recordings another guy in dorm was making on his Teac 3340. Wow, he was making that room rock with that machine. I just bareley got my hands on both 3340 and 3440 and then suddenly the 38 and M-30 literally drop of the sky into my lab before I got started with the first project. If the 38 can give me half the sound of the 3340 then I will be in blues-jazz heaven. The 8 mics I mentioned would pretty much be used in a live club setting to capture a band onstage. Sure, I could run the lines in from the existing club's sound board and make it easy on myself but I want to go all the way with the 8 mics and see what happens. I should have never read that story about how producer Norman Petty went to an Air Force base where Buddy Holly and The Crickets had just done a show and recorded one of their big hits right there on stage after the military club had closed. Yes, I am going to learn how to expertly use the 38 and M-30.
      Going to open the links and play your recordings on the weekend, no speakers on this computer. Thanks for the tip about the distortion, will be sure to keep an eye on those levels for the rockin' blues sessions but can't wait to hear the results of softer jazz lounge recordings, as well as the avant garde jazz-rock stuff, too (I can dream, can't I?) Analog forever;overdubbing forever--guess that's what I get for shaking Phil Spector's hand at Ike Turner's funeral service, got that Wall of Sound bug on me now. Thanks again---Mark

    8. Andromeda International Records 113 months ago | reply

      BTW---I have listened repeatedly to the tracks you recorded---awesome! Hot music like that could be played live to a true nightclub or venue audience, their reaction would have broken all 8 VU meters, leaving your not having to add any fake audience effects. I have found 2 places to record: in Los Angeles, I can use the legendary video production house, Ross Hunt Productions in Studio City; their green screen room is sound proof and has a total recording studio set-up; although they primarily use the room for film and video (i.e. they filmed me as I did a live recording of the Joe Williams song "That's Love, That's Love," placing my image in an way cool 3-sided nightclub setting), they can run my mic wiring through their monitor room and Renee Hunt, the manager, is down with my having studio recording sessions there as she will film them at the same time for placement on their internet site---how is that for exposure??? In San Diego, I can use the annex building of the catholic church my family belongs to (hey, if John Waters could use a church to play his first films, I can use mine for recording!); it already has a piano and spacious enough to fit a small trio (piano, bass, drums) to a more full set-up (piano, bass, drums, guitar, horns and strings); to augment this congregation of jazz-funk musicians is this black female harpist player I have been hearing about, she reportedly is the new Dorthy Ashby with a lil bit of Corkie Hale on the side; needless to say, I am very interested in meeting and working with her. What have you been recording lately? Care to put some more links up? Again, the 2 that you provided are off the hook, do pass my supreme regards to your musician friends, they knocked it out of the park!---Always, Mark

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      why do you have so much shit that i want

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      Because i am older than you.

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      I want a 688 so bad.

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