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#Explored "A good portrait is incredibly hard to create, there is too much temptation to pander to the individual rather than portray them as they really were. - Philippe Halsman

#Explored Sep 21, 2012 #419


Salutat to photogs who spend hours brushing the portraits up in photoshop. No wonder why I never wanted to touch the layer masks. ate my whole entire day. the truth is I actually never do much except adjustments layers in photoshop like curves and color enhancements.


the other day I watched a video tutorial on PS Smart objects partially, and thought I'll try today some masking etc. and guess what happened I literally forgot everything I learned from that tutorial, and had absolutely no idea where to click. anyways so after a bit of struggling I got some results. at last!!!


This Pulikali boy image is shot with Canon 450D and Tokina prime, which gave me a gorgeous bokeh and spared me some background editing. so such a bright yellow I had to enhance boy's face somehow. hence the need of taking all the pain to learn PS better. ( Hell I could very well ruin it in Lightroom)


Now you know why I havent posted much of kerala portraits yet..!. hmm..


About Puli kali

Dances of Onam have always caught the imagination of the people from all parts of the globe for their uniqueness and bizarreness. Pulikali is one of those peculiar and vibrant dances that add to the festivities and culture exhibition of the state. A team of trained artists perform this folk dance to keep the locals amused during the festival.


Also popular as Kaduvaakali, it’s a two-century old dance form still kept in prevalence by the artists. Based around the theme of “playing with tigers”, this art involves dance performances wherein tigers remain the total focus of attraction. Thrissur is the place where this dance has the majority of performers who wait for the grand festival to charm the spectators.


Loaded with a gaudy appearance, the performers in this art paint the body in the colours of tigers and have the face covered with a tiger mask. Dressed like a tiger, the Kaduvaakali performers charm the kids greatly by teasing them with ticks and pranks.

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Taken on August 21, 2012