Stairway Shadow (Photo Friday - Inner City Challenge)

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    Spotted this stairway creating a pretty cool shadow on those big gas tank thingies... nek minit... took a photograph....

    actually inspired a bit by one of my contacts shots, -thanks Luke

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    1. Trish P. - K1000 Gal 38 months ago | reply

      Awesome! I don't care what camera you used. It's still great.

    2. Pommedan (DG Images) 38 months ago | reply

      thanks and thanks - your NZ pics are great!

    3. Jaggy89 38 months ago | reply

      Cool artistic shot!

    4. Robmcd59 38 months ago | reply

      Great composition. The shadows are bad ass!!

    5. AlnVrz | Illusions 38 months ago | reply

      wait a minute, 5D?, when did this happen. Cool shot though

    6. Vessikuvaa 38 months ago | reply

      Really nice shadow & composition, good job!

    7. ivor miller 38 months ago | reply

      fantastic shot

    8. leprou 38 months ago | reply


    9. funky_koala 38 months ago | reply

      oooh man, super nice work, grats!! did u buy a new camera? III ;)

    10. Luke Lavin 37 months ago | reply

      5D Mark III, FTW! It's funny when I saw your thumbnail, I immediately thought of that old shot of mine. It looks horribly out of date now. I'd go and shoot it again, but last time I stopped there to do some shooting I got a tap on my shoulder. It turns out that the Port Authority doesn't think that people should be taking photos of these types of things. They thought I was a terrorist. "Why would people want to look at a rusty old tank anyways?"

      I didn't even think that the mark III was out yet? Do you have a friend on the inside at Canon?

    11. Tris ('Esmeralda') 37 months ago | reply

      Just love it - perfect in every way.

    12. AnZanov 37 months ago | reply

      A great photographer sees what other people don't...and you saw it!
      Amazing capture!
      Seen in my contacts' photos. ( ?² )

    13. Pommedan (DG Images) 37 months ago | reply

      oh... sorry guys.... its not actually taken with a 5D Mark III - Luke's onto it (i think Tom might have known with the winky face too), the cameras not even out yet!, just wondering how many people would notice ;0). My new camera isnt that great, in fact prepare for an anticlimax......

    14. Konaflyer 37 months ago | reply

      Well spotted! Nicely done!

    15. Garry9600 37 months ago | reply

      I love this shot Dan! I wish I could give it more pink stars!

      OK, I don't even know what a "5D Mark III" is - sounds like a car! ;-) I don't really follow the latest camera developments (bad pun intended), because I don't want to know how inferior my own camera really is!

    16. lost ocker [deleted] 37 months ago | reply

      good eye Dan!!!

    17. Steve Taylor (Photography) 37 months ago | reply

      Brilliant image. The tones are stunning

    18. McCreafish 37 months ago | reply

      Yep totally brill!! :-)

    19. BongoInc 34 months ago | reply

      Outstanding shot!

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