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Smörgåstårta | by Pomax
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This is awesome to make. Also, it's delicious! But mostly, make sure you have enough bread... We basically crammed the filling for four layers of 4x2 slices onto/into a smörgåstårta of only 3x2 slices...


Anyway, how do you make this? We used the following:


- 2 firm white breads (so you should buy 3, really), pre sliced with the crusts cut off and put in a bag for making bread pudidng.


for the filling:


- 800gr (ish) of cream cheese

- 400gr (ish) of sour cream

- some nice mayonnaise (not "Hellman's" or "Miracle Whip" mayo-a-likes. I mean proper mayonnaise)


This gets mixed together, using as much mayo as is necessary to make the mixture just spreadable. This is the base with which to make the layers. There are a million and seven recipes for how to go from here, so we split our creamy paste into four and made four distinct layers:


1) One batch was mixed with panfried chopped onion (1 big onion), diced boiled egg (4 eggs) and chopped chives. The eggs were boiled until the yolk had set, but not so long that it started to discolor (never do that, please. It's disgusting)


2) Another batch was mixed with cold-cut ham (ripped into small bits) and chopped parsley.


3) The third batch received panfried small shrimp (not drained, so that the flavour would bake onto the shrimp) and cut up surimi flake (also fried, because that brings out more flavour)


4) The last batch got smoked salmon and chopped dill.


The initial prep was really simple. Layer of bread, batch 4, layer of bread, batch 3, layer of bread, batch 2, layer of bread, batch 1. Of course that still needs decoration, so we also used three boiled eggs, some left over shrimp and salmon, dill, an avocado and cherry tomatoes (okay, "grape tomatos") for decoration.


This is filling.


It's also ridiculously delicious!

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Taken on January 23, 2011