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Travelling with the Fujifilm X100T - The Woman and the Sea at Klong Muang | by polybazze
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Travelling with the Fujifilm X100T - The Woman and the Sea at Klong Muang

1st time travelling with the Fujifilm X100t - I'll write a review once I've uploaded the images from this trip. This photo was taken on the Klong Muang beach outside of Ao Nang (Thailand)


I'm also trying to organize these photos in a photo blog:


### My experience of the Fujifilm X100T (mini review - I hope you find it useful) ###


I bought this camera purely based on consumer reviews - I had never held it nor tried it out.

I had never used a mirror-less camera before and had never used a camera with an EVF.


I wanted a small versatile kick ass camera and didn't want to carry my clunky DSLR (travelling with family/kids, jumping on and off tuk-tuks, long tail boats etc).



# Battery

I bought a second battery but never used it. I shot 100-200 images/day and recharged (in camera) the battery every evening. Don't know how much juice there was left but the battery indicator never got below 50%. I also had a USB charge pack with me but never used it. I almost exclusively shot through the EVF (the LCD wasn't used much at all). Image quality was set to "Normal" (did some test and compared "Normal" to "Fine" but didn't see any major differences in quality except that "Fine" generated double file sizes). Not sure if the compression level is relevant to battery life though. In short no problems with the battery life.


# Lens

Did I ever feel "limited" by the fixed 28mm lens (equiv 35mm)? No, it was perfect.


# Accessories

Didn't use any. Just had the lens cap on and the camera loose in a very small shoulder bag.


# Backup

I backed up the images on an external USB stick via a small nexus tablet and a file manager app. Quick and easy.


# Protection and environment.

The camera was constantly sticky with sweat, sun protection and/or salt (sea) and sand stuck to it all the time. The only thing I bothered cleaning was the lens. My rubber coated DSLR would have been easier to keep clean.


# Image quality

Just produced awesome image quality. Even in low light settings.


# Autofocus

Fast enough for my needs - never felt limited by it.


# Handling

I loved the mechanical wheels for setting the shutter speed and aperture. It also gave an immediate visual indication of the current camera settings - No need for and LCD (nor an mini LCD on top of the camera). I also could operate the camera with one hand and quickly change setting.


I had one grief with the mechanical dial though - it was easy to change the settings by mistake. It happened a couple of times that I change shutter speed, exposure compensation or aperture by mistake resulting in missed shots.


# Annoyance - taking just one pic when set to continuous shooting

I had the camera set to continuous shooting - I always take at least 2 shots of every "scene" and then keep the best one. With this setting it was almost impossible to take one picture no matter how short I pressed the release button.


# Annoyance - camera "froze" while saving images

As I said I usually shoot burst of at least 2 images, slightly change focus/framing and shoot another burst. Then I keep the best shot from the series. This wasn't possible with the Fuji because it was frozen (or at least it appeared to be) while the camera was saving the images between the bursts. The DSLR is much faster in this context.


# Will I take the X100t on my nest trip instead of a DSLR?



# Example shots

I'm collecting the shots from this trip in this album:


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Taken on January 31, 2016