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Day One Hundred Thirteen

113/365. I'm staring at the asphalt wondering, what's burried underneath...

... where I am ~ Postal Service (The District sleeps alone tonight)


Apparently my announcement yesterday was a bit too subtle... almost nobody got it. So let me make it clear, I am resigning from Google, and joining Twitter! Yes yes, lots of excitement. Maybe one day I'll finally meet Oprah or Shaq.


Anyhow, this shot was taken near our home. Erin had this great idea for a self portrait and did that quite nicely. I was gonna do one too, but then decided... "can I just take a picture of your legs?"


K.... on with it.. strobist fools and junkies, here you go...


camera, setup, and strobist info: see here


Another final thing: I've received about a dozen comments and emails talking about my "style"... in requests for me to change-things-up so to speak. Let me remind me everyone that I really only have time to shoot at night (I have a day job), and I'm enjoying what I'm doing. If you're looking for something different, feel free to browse the other 11,000+ photos in my stream. It usually takes a good month or two to fully evolve to a new type of style, but I personally feel I'm trying new things every day — and hey, this isn't easy to find inspiration on a daily basis.

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Taken on April 23, 2009