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    please view on black

    niederaussem - germany 03/2011
    listening to thom yorke - hearing damage

    U can also try if you like a b&w vision...

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    1. bruxella 37 months ago | reply

      so gesehen ... hat so eine Dreckschleuder auch was Schönes:)

    2. Thomas Sabo Australia00 37 months ago | reply

      You are a very intelligent individual!

    3. The one M 37 months ago | reply

      Kumma: da findet einer Du hast Hirn :)

    4. polomar 37 months ago | reply

      quod erat demonstrandum baby! :-)

    5. The one M 37 months ago | reply

      Ich fand das iregnwie 'nen ... will soll ich sagen... interessanten Kommentar. Mal was ganz anderes!
      *guckt auf's Datum* ... der wird doch nicht?!

    6. polomar 37 months ago | reply

      Du meinst n Aprilscherz? Könnte sein, klar.... Nur lachen kann ich nicht so richtig drüber... :-)

    7. The one M 37 months ago | reply

      Ist jedenfalls wirkungsvoll, hab gleich auf seinen nicht vorhandenen Stream geklickt!
      Wie dem auch sei: wir und ich benutze hier bewusst den Begriff wir, weil ich mir sicher bin es stimmen mir alle zu, also, wir haben Dich als Individuum sehr gern und grad so wie Du bist, bist Du richtig!

    8. loupiote (Old Skool) pro 37 months ago | reply

      You are absolutely right. But is this special case, its a coal-fired power station and therefor, there is a lot of carbon emissions... ThanX for commenting. GreetZ C++

      correct, but the air pollution is not caused by the white "smoke" (steam) visible on this photo.

    9. polomar 37 months ago | reply

      ThanX my flick(e)r friends for your kind comments! GreetZ C++

    10. Sally-Snapshox 37 months ago | reply

      bedrückend schön...

    11. Xavier Stewart (retired) 29 months ago | reply

      GREAT PHOTO! it's funny that I was just doing research on these hyperboloid cooling towers - I too thought that they were smoke stacks and even thought they were related to nuclear power. After finding out what they really are, I can actually enjoy photos if them (they are magnificent structures!) without feeling anger.

      I love the tones of the photo

    12. oaza_spokoju 29 months ago | reply

      oh, cut it off with this carbon emission.
      beautiful cloud factory!:)

    13. loupiote (Old Skool) pro 29 months ago | reply

      @oaza_spokoju what you see on this photo is steam (i.e. just water, not CO2).

    14. benft 29 months ago | reply

      "terrifying...pollution etc" warms and lights your life, duh!! and it's beautiful too...

    15. oaza_spokoju 29 months ago | reply

      @loupiote: I know.

    16. oaza_spokoju 29 months ago | reply

      i'm just sick of this carbon emission thing.
      Europe may cut carbon emission to zero and the rest of the world isn't intersted in it.
      besides, nobody realy knows if green house effect is our "fault" or is it a natural process.
      Volcanos emit more CO2 than industry.
      Green propaganda.

    17. sohoand [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

      Esta foto es fantastica, me encanta !!

    18. Sylvain K. 13 months ago | reply

      Strong impact, nevertheless that's only water.

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