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Hi there everyone! Back from the dead, finally!

Just as the weather got a tad warmer, I got outside and shot,just as I promised! Sorry for being the worst contact ever these days; both the school and the weather wouldn't allow me to take some nice pictures. But I have sooo many new ideas piled up!


The photo is composed of 40 images.I really don't want to see any apples around for some time:P

The inspiration came when I saw this crooked tree among all the other straight trees (The tree is NOT PHOTOSHOPPED, it's real).This also has something to do with it obviously:)


This image has also made me realize how lucky I was to have such dear friends to encourage me to do what I had in mind.

The model is Ezgi, and the invisible hero is Selçuk. Thank you both for being the best friends in this world.I love you guys so much.<3


Plus material in the comments;)

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Taken on September 2, 2012