ACRE Made in Amazonia
The project Acre, Made in Amazonia is a collaboration between the State of Acre, through the Instituto Dom Moacyr e SEDENS, with the support of Sebrae/AC e sistema FIEAC, and Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, with the support of Acre's first lady Marlucia Candida, whose aim is to create a design system with territorial ties to its cultural #identity and its industrial development.

Two internationally known designers, Bernardo Senna and Emmanuel Gallina, directed the project #workshop, developing contemporary design objects with the students that are impregnated with local culture. A specialist in the furniture sector, Sergio Frison, directed the #prototyping phase through a technical training process with the businesses involved in the venture. An Italian designer, Eugenia Chiara, created the brand and the visual communication, working side by side with local artists Tiago Tosh e Wennedy Filgueira.

Coordinator in Brasil by Elisangela Rocha, in Italy by Eugenia Chiara.

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