Curriculum vitae
1950 Born in Timisoara, Romania.
1966 Emigration to Germany
Status Married, two children

1961-1966 High School for fine arts (arte plastice) in Timisoara, Romania
1966-1972 St. Leonard High School - University Entrance Diploma, Aachen, Germany
1972-1974 School of Graphic Design at the Dusseldorf Academy of Arts
1974-1980 School of Architecture at the RWTH Aachen
1981 Graduation as engineer (Dipl.-Ing.)
1981-2002 Freelance work in various architectural offices in Cologne
2002 Publication of the patented calendar series "Jugendstil 2002".

Exhibitions in painting and photography
2001Art Services for Commerce and Economy „Little Van Gogh“, Germany
2002 Jahnel, Wirtz & Partner attorneys office, Leverkusen, Germany NTC
(Neurological Therapy Center) Cologne, Germany
2003 NTC Dusseldorf , Germany
2004 NTC Neuss, Germany
2006 Municipal art collection, Talbahnhof Eschweiler, Germany
2006 Permanent exhibition at the art gallery „Kunst Art“, Bochum, Germany
2007 Art Society of Wesseling: „Scheunengallerie“, Germany
Opening of the provost of St. Urbanus church in Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Permanent exhibition at TSD Technique Language Services in Cologne, Germany
2008 Dellbrück Art Festival (Dellbrücker Kunstmeile), Cologne, Germany/
4th. Kalk Art Festival (Kalk Kunst), Cologne, Germany /Permanent exhibition in the practice of Dr. A. Valin in Cologne, Germany
2009 5th. Kalk Art Festival (Kalk Kunst), Cologne Germany
2010 "Eternal Eve" international groupexhibition Jaffo-Museum Tel-Aviv
"Biennale for phtography"- Museo d´arte di Chianciano terme
2011-"Spirit of art"-Galery Pall Mall-London
"Biennale for painting"- Museo d´arte di Chianciano terme

In painting as well as in photography, I seek the balance of the composition, the consistency between warm and cold colors, point and line, shapes in light or shadow.
My spontaneous "inner disposition" determines my creative work. I am fascinated by existence, the development of the ever changing and transitory world, the continuity of the flow.
My attention randomly focuses on certain recurring themes that appear then in my paintings.
While in my painting I intuitively reproduce what moves me emotionally, in photography I try to capture elusive moments with the help of the camera.
My titles of my paintings render the same thought, e.g. „Soul Fire“, „Changing“, „Continuity“, „Dreams and Colors“, „Symphony of Colors“, „Quo vadis“.
Similar ideas are also illustrated by the titles of the photography series: „Drawing with Fire, Light, Waves“, „Traveling,“ „Reality or Illusion“, „Appearance and Reality“, „Macro Shots of Nature“, „Landscapes“, „In Transition“, „Orientation“.
My guiding principles are:
„Already tomorrow, today becomes yesterday,Time is a river in which everything takes its transitory place.I see something different from what you see"Art for man, freedom for art".

Renée Politzer
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