IX-70, Lens extended

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    Instax 100 plus Compur shutter plus SX-70 lens.
    Aperture is F/8.
    Lens does focus with distance scale like a Model3 SX-70.
    There is some vignetting and the image is mirrored.

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    1. oliburden 94 months ago | reply

      How utterly wonderfully bizarre!

    2. Smartiesmarts 94 months ago | reply

      Oh, wow, it's a monster...no, a camera! :) Would love to see a scan of the photo's it takes.

    3. Option8 94 months ago | reply

      Vignetting? Really!?

    4. polapix 94 months ago | reply

      Option8 The lens covers the instax film with ease.
      But the SX-70 lens is longer (116 vs. 95mm) than the original one.
      The tube gets a bit in the way at the corners.
      I'll try to take out some more material on the inside. Iit is still quite thick-walled.
      A 90 mm lens would be perfect. The SX-70 lens on the other hand can still be focused by rotating the front element.
      Marty I'll post some photos soon.
      Tobias Feltus did this before me.
      He was so kind to show me how to wire the motor so it still ejects the film when the button is pressed.
      Instax 100, manualified

    5. polapix 93 months ago | reply

      Test shots are here:

      Kapelle / Fume Hood
      Colour and sharpness are very good - better than any Polaroid Integral film (look at large size).
      Exposure is correct when measured with Digiflash meter (F/8 , 800 ISO).
      Focusing with distance scale on lens works well (like a model 3 sx-70, have a tape measure at hand).
      The maximum speed of the shutter (1/100th) is too slow to shoot in bright settings.
      I have to insert a smaller aperture (like a washer behind rotating lens - easy) or use a ND filter.

      Vignetting in the edges comes from the extension tube, not from the lens.
      It could be avoided by mounting a slightly shorter lens - I'll try my Super Angulon if I find an easy way to control focus.

      I would like to graft a SX-70 autofocus shutter to an Instax body (use a PIC to handle the interface).
      And I am still dreaming of an Instax wide back that fits Graflok / Spring back / 600SE cameras..

    6. holgabot* 93 months ago | reply

      Have you thought about using a Fuji Instax back like this:

    7. polapix 93 months ago | reply

      Yes but the Holga Instax back is for the credit card sized Instax Mini format.
      Instax wide is similar to Spectra in size.

    8. tobias feltus 93 months ago | reply

      I had not seen that you had gone for this arrangement too... but your tube is far more sophisticated than mine, indeed! I just epoxied the original tube in place and made a plywood end plug.

      I did dremel out as much at the corners as I could, to try and eliminate the vigniette, but even with my 105mm i still get a touch. the original lens did, clearly, sit much further back.

      I took mine apart again, as something shorted and it ejected the rest of the pack. handy. And I was, also, looking at mounting it on the back of a 2x3" Graflex RB, but i look at it then put it down again. the inevitable 25mm offset is too puzzling to try and rectify.

    9. polapix 92 months ago | reply

      Wiring for manual ejection:
      Instax rewired

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