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Attack of the Clones | by Poe Tatum
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Attack of the Clones

Lots of people on Flickr do clone shots, and really many people are good at them too! However, I have an advantage in the clone shot department. I am actually a clone! By that I mean, I am an identical twin. My sister and I are the most common type of identical twins called "monochorionic diamniotic" or Mono/Di. Actually if you want you can look up twins on Wikipedia..


She and I have much in common, and much we don't.. Which I suppose is a lot like anyone else on this earth. The biggest difference I think between being a twin and a singleton is that I know exactly how she thinks, more than 90% of the time because we share a very similar thinking process. It makes for interesting conversation because often we don't say much of anything to each other, and yet, we convey volumes with a sigh or a single word. It's sort of cool, but sometimes people get lost listening to us. It's also affected my relationships with people in general. I very often just assume everyone knows what I'm thinking and say something and people think.. Well either I've just insulted them, or have no idea what I just said. It's very fucking frustrating.

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Taken on June 4, 2009