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The Weird Kitty Dream

Once upon a time there was this girl Poe and she had a kitty named Gwendardle. Well Poe says to the kitty "I'm going to drink from your bowl, little kitty". But the kitty becomes quite cross and says "You better not stupid human, you can't handle it!".


Well Poe just takes that a challenge and climbs down onto the floor and begins to drink from the kitty bowl . Sure enough Gwendardle becomes very cross and glares at her angrily. But she blithly ignores him and after a little while, refreshed she looks up. She notices they aren't in the kitchen anymore! Immediately she notices she's cold because all her clothes are gone, and on the heels of that epiphany she notices they are in a museum!


"I told you, you couldn't handle it!" said the kitty

"But I don't like this!" she replied


Just then the smoke alarms sounded and the place was engulfed in smoke and heat. Looking around frantically she took stock of her strange situation as the ground began to tremble.


"...WAKE UP!", exclaimed Beckie her girlfriend.

"Waa? hhh nerrfff" replied Ania.

"You were meowing!"

"unggg hhh arhhg" grumped Ania. Looking around her bedroom in the wee dawn hours she decided that her friend Flopsie was right. Drinking from a cat bowl is like a bad blotter of acid. Dreams can be extremely mystical and foretelling at times.


(Sorry, I just made that short story up out of the top of my head.. I had fun, please no mocking!).


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To *ANY* Admins. If this crossed the lines of your groups I apologize in advance. I admit this is Risqu'e. I took great pains to make sure everything was covered however I agree it's more than implying nudity. Please don't ban me as this is a ONE OF A KIND photo for me.


Song of the moment

Wlazł kotek na płotek i mruga,

i mruga

ładna to piosenka niedługa,



Nie długa, nie krótka, lecz w sam raz

lecz w sam raz

Zaspiewaj koteczku jeszcze raz

jeszcze raz.

-- "Wlazł Kotek Na Płotek I Mruga" (author unknown)

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