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Free Parchment Texture | by Poe Tatum
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Free Parchment Texture

This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License click to find out more. However I have riders on this license. PLEASE SEE BELOW!!!


Since some of you can't seem to comprehend my license (which is essentially free of all but attribution for artwork). I will clarify for you. I'd like to point out the license I picked covers my use of the unaltered texture and not art created with it. I do not place quantifiable limits on art. by "minimally altered" I mean someone that takes my texture and puts some text over top. That is not art or an artwork that is laziness. If someone made an obvious effort to make something with this texture (good or bad by my "standards") then I waive my rights. The art they made is 100% their's to do with as they please, provided (hopefully) my minimal criteria are met.


*** CLARIFICATION (PLEASE READ! Especially Group Admins) ***


o Using this in an "original" piece of art or inclusion in a "original" piece of art. I WAIVE the "non-commercial" portion of the license this is under. I do not waive my rights as the copyright holder of this texture or any of my textures I just grant original artwork to be resold provided the "artwork" is significantly different from my texture (read next)


o Reselling this texture AS-IS (or minimally altered) I *DO NOT* waive my rights. I *DO NOT* want (or allow) my textures to be sold/resold or included in any collection outside of flickr. If the "artist" is confused they may contact me by flickrmail for clarification of what I mean by "minally altered").


o Further using this texture to create other textures is permitted provided your final texture differs enough from my original. Changing the color and calling it your own *DOES NOT* count as "significantly different".


o If any artist has a question with regard to the usage of my texture(s) you are free to contact me. You will find I'm not significantly fussed about any of this other than the reselling of my textures AS-IS or "minimally altered".


o Assuming all the criteria are met: I would like attribution on flickr and off (whenever possible) with either my name or a link to my photostream or to the texture itself.



o You may use my textures in the game Secondlife in a build for PERSONAL USE. If you wish to use a texture in a build you intend for NON-PERSONAL USE you MUST get my permission first. Contact me in world under the same name as my flickr, or via flickrmail. Currently the only person in Secondlife with permission to use my textures is Flopsie McArdle.


o My textures MAY NOT be included in any texture packs or sold anywhere in world. Reselling my textures in world constitutes a violation of my copyright.


As per the creative commons license this is under I can waive portions of the license whenever I want. I have waived it provided the above criteria are met to the best of the artists abilities.

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