[3/365] Hello 2010, Goodbye iPhone

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    I managed to break my iPhone during a new years party. The are apparently a little more fragile than I thought. Surprisingly broken iPhones go for decent money on eBay, so I'm combining auction photos with my 365 project.

    Strobist - DIY light box and white card stock, bare SB600 at 1/32 through right diffusion panel.

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    1. PhotoOptik365 64 months ago | reply

      painful. my iPhone went the same way before xmas. its not as bad as that so is still usable.

      I did buy a replacement front panel but ive not got around to fixing it yet

    2. podsix 64 months ago | reply

      Painful indeed. I got a decent deal on a used one from Craigslist as a replacement though. Hopefully this was a one-time deal!

    3. Perseus109 64 months ago | reply

      Money loss... Yes! But now is your chance to get a real phone like a droid. :) Great pic.

    4. Kaarin 64 months ago | reply

      awwww it hurts to look at it :(

    5. DavidDMuir 64 months ago | reply

      Disaster! What happened? It looks like it was something more serious than an accidental drop.

      Seen in the group"iPhone" (?)

    6. Ninja M. 64 months ago | reply

      shattered ! Awesome ,time to head to the Apple Store with $200 and get it replaced

    7. podsix 64 months ago | reply

      It was a less than accidental drop. I was aggrivated at sluggish SMS performance, and a little buzzed. I certainly didn't throw it, and it didn't fall further than it's been dropped before. It just must have hit at the right spot or something...

      I bought a replacement used off of Craigslist, and with what cracked screen iPhones are going for on eBay I think I'm going to break even, which is much better than dropping $200 at the Apple Store!

    8. podsix 64 months ago | reply

      I've also been told that ifixit.com has very reasonable glass and screen replacement services if anyone else finds themselves in a similar predicament.

    9. James Green Photography 64 months ago | reply

      that isnt broken! its mashed!

    10. ladyhawker 64 months ago | reply

      Oh, this hurts just to look at! Excuse me while I go hug my iPhone and tell it how much I love it.

    11. syanik 63 months ago | reply

      Oh my. It looks like it got run over by a car!

    12. KristaMae25 63 months ago | reply

      Oh NO!!! Nice pic

    13. **Bethie** 63 months ago | reply

      oh no poor little phone!!

    14. elisa in real life 63 months ago | reply

      Heartbreaking. RIP. But nice photo! :)

    15. .Donkeykong. 63 months ago | reply

      Check out Otterbox.com for a case.

      I have had one for my old school Ipod 30GB video and it still looks new... waterproof, shock resistant, but a little bulky.

      I also have one for my Blackberry Storm... not that I want a storm, but verizon doesn't support the Iphones yet :(

    16. Bernie in the 44134 of Parma Ohio 62 months ago | reply

      Don't these phones cost like $ 300.00 to purchase ?

      And the monthy range is somewhere in the $ 70.00 range

    17. ladyhawker 62 months ago | reply

      Yes, but I think they are worth every penny. :)

    18. Dag Sverre 62 months ago | reply

      Sad, but the pattern looks amazing! If i break mine i want it to turn out like this!

    19. syanik 58 months ago | reply

      I saw this post today about an iPad and immediately thought of your poor broken iPhone:


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