Romeo and Juliet 2015
Royal Albert Hall 2015 - and EPOC/BEAT production with 30 Barnet Schools. With Keel Watson, Pamela Hay, Denisa Dumitrescu, (and her sister), Robin Bailey, Paul Featherstone, Anne Marchand, Marie Ortinau, Augustus Bickers (Tybalt), Rojin Kiannejad (Mercutio), Haldane Falby (Balthasar), William Carslake/Philip Voldman/Magnus Gilljam (Opera Blocks pianists) - together with all with the wonderful Barnet BEAT team including Sharon Broughall Lyn Holman-Fox, Terry Hogan, Julian Nicholl, Jayne Barnes (and the A level composers, musicians and dancers), Rosamond Savournin (and the One Voice Choir), Peter Yarde Martin, Caitlin Sherring, and many MANY more. Thanks for a great evening!
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